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Informa has joined forces with government and private sectors to organize "TyreXpo Asia 2024," aiming to increase trade opportunities and prepare to push the rubber and tyre industry into the global market.

Informa Markets Thailand, in collaboration with the Rubber Authority of Thailand, Tarsus Group, and various partners from the rubber industry, is set to organize "TyreXpo Asia 2024." This event, the first and only of its kind in Thailand, will comprehensively gather the international tyre industry. It represents a significant step towards connecting opportunities for trade, investment, negotiation, and business exchange, aiming to elevate the Thai rubber industry to the global market. The event will be grandly held from May 15-17, 2024, at Hall 98 of the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC).

The Thai government consistently prioritizes supporting the "Thai rubber industry and rubber products," confident that Thai rubber has increasing trade opportunities. It is anticipated that the export of Thai rubber and rubber products to various regions, including the European Union, will trend upwards in 2024. Given the importance of continually promoting and supporting the rubber industry, Informa Markets, a leader in organizing exhibitions and business negotiation events internationally, has secured strong cooperation from the Rubber Authority of Thailand, along with the Tarsus Group and various partners in the rubber industry. They are prepared for the "TyreXpo Asia 2024," with significant objectives to promote and support the tyre industry in Thailand. The event aims to provide a platform for showcasing products, exchanging knowledge, and strengthening business capabilities to meet global market demands. A key ambition is to establish Thailand as a central hub for the production, processing, and export of tires, both regionally and globally, in the coming decade.

Mr. Alwin Seow, Deputy Event Director from Informa Markets stated that "TyreXpo Asia 2024" is being organised for the first time in Thailand under the theme
"Your One-Stop Show for Tyres, Automotive Repair & Maintenance and Tyre Accessories." The event serves as a comprehensive gathering place for entrepreneurs, buyers, sellers, and stakeholders in the tire industry. It has received strong support from both the public sector, such as the Rubber Authority of Thailand, and numerous private sector entities. The event acts as a crucial nexus for the global rubber industry’s supply chain, showcasing new technologies, market trends, and significant opportunities in the tire sector, where Thailand is one of the top rubber exporting countries.

“For the TyreXpo Asia 2024 event, over 80 leading exhibitors such as Apollo Tyres, Davanti Tyre World, Deestone, Guizhou Tyre, Jiangsu General Science Technology, Sailun Tire (Thailand), Stamford Tyres International, Transamerica Tire, and Zhongce Rubber Group will be showcased. These companies represent key business sectors related to tyres, including tyre accessories and related industries. The event will feature significant highlights, including an international conference on tire tread retreading knowledge and innovation (Retreading Conference) and a seminar on the tire industry (Tyre Business Forum), which will provide in-depth information leading to the formulation of strategies, techniques, and business negotiations to create a business network and give Thai entrepreneurs a competitive edge in the future. The event, expected to draw over 5,000 participants from more than 60 countries, is considered by Informa to be a crucial starting point for elevating the Thai rubber industry to meet the growing demands of the global market.” stated Mr. Alwin Seow

Join us in propelling the Thai tire industry into the global economy at "TyreXpo Asia 2024." This exclusive event in Thailand provides a comprehensive international tire industry experience, scheduled for May 15-17, 2024, at Hall 98 of the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC). Stay updated with news and details about the event at