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NESTLÉ PURE LIFE accumulated on sustainable water conservation, consolidating all the effort on the World Water Day’s, with the concept “1” from a single person to a better and healthier life in the society.

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With an intention to preserve water resources and conserving environment, NESTLÉ intends to increase the quality of life and strengthen the health of the vital resources for the future generation. Nestlé Waters Thailand, the business unit that bottles and distributes Nestlé Pure Life drinking water, continues to organize educational activities for the community, consolidating all the effort from schools, factories, neighborhoods, department stores, and community residents, in order to celebrate World Water Day 2019. In an initiative to create consciousness and educate the community on environmental sustainability, including sharing first-hand lessons on the importance of using water efficiently in the factory and organizing a World Water Day exhibition, and inviting individuals to share an idea on water conservation, in order to pass it on and create a movement on sustainable water conservation.

World Water Day 2019 and NESTLÉ PURE LIFE's commitment on sustainable water resources

The vision of Nestle Global is passed on to NESTLÉ PURE LIFE Thailand, with the responsibility to look after and manage the water supply for the community including the future generations, so they will have clean water and a good quality of life. With an emphasize on creating awareness on a healthy lifestyle, providing safe water utility, educating the public on efficient water consumption and encouraging the youth in the community to choose clean drinking water for health causes. Starting from the residents who reside in the industrial area and later spanning out to a larger society. 

This year, on World Water Day 2019, Nestle Pure Life had set up 3 educational activities that encourage public involvement. The first activity is the one-day trip, “Youth Water Guardian visiting Khlong Kanom Jean Nam Sai, Ayutthaya,” which give the opportunities to the customers who are interested to learn about conserving water resource and understanding how to efficiently manage the water supply. Additionally, they have experienced first-hand on the river lifestyle from the locals along with renowned actor, Toey-Pongsakorn, which help to develop the mindset on how everyone can help taking care of water.

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The second activity is the World Water Day 2019 event, which has been organized by Nestlé Pure Life for consecutively 8 years. For this year, in collaboration with Big C Ratchada department store, with an intention to raise awareness on the importance of water and its preservation methods. Water is an extremely limited natural resource but is the essence of life, vital to human survival, agriculture, and various industries, it should be preserved for the future generation. The event features an educational exhibition on the current global water situation, information stations with entertaining games from the Youth Water Guardian project, and ideas on saving water at home completed with an interactive brainstorm session for the public on "1 creative solution to conserving water.”

Mr. Luca Chioda, Business Executive Officer - Nestlé Waters Thailand, said, “At Nestlé Pure Life, we recognize the importance of sustainable water resources for today and for the future. Water is a scarce resource with less than 1 percent of the world’s supply usable for consumption. Nestlé Pure Life, as the no.1 drinking bottled water in the world, cares for water conservation and has been committed to responsibly and sustainably managing water resources for future generations by following water stewardship practice, starting with where we operate. Our goal is to provide stability and quality for water supply in the community in the present and the future. In addition to having access to clean water, we would like to evoke the consciousness in the community to consuming water efficiently."

The third activity is an effort by the Nestlé Waters Thailand manufacturing factories in Ayutthaya and Surat Thani. With an intention to preserve a stable environment, the factories decrease the use of water supply throughout the production process, reuse water when possible, and listen to feedbacks from surrounding communities. It is truly a collaboration between factories, government agencies, and private sectors. 

Mr Stefano Manenti, Nestlé Waters Suratthani Factory Manager, said, "Both of our Nestlé Waters Thailand manufacturing factories are committed to preserving the water resources, we put enormous efforts in ensuring a sustainable water environment and conserving the ecosystem. We encourage the community to save the water and brainstorm on the solutions to existing water problems in society. The water supply administration is efficiently helping in restoring the balance between the industrial factory and local residents. The Ayutthaya factory recently received the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) certification in 2018, while the Surat Thani factory will be certified this year. Both factories are organizing open houses which extend invitations to the Deputy, Subdistrict Headman, Government Officers, School Principal, Teachers, and Students to participate. The educational trip provides information on the water quality control system in the factory, water conservation methods, brainstorm sessions for creative solutions that will bring the community to participate in taking care of the water resources, activities and workshops for students and educational field trips to the factory, which helps improve the quality of life and society.”

Thailand’s renowned actor, Toey-Pongsakorn Mettarikanon, shared his experience and inspiring stories from his educational trip, “I had an opportunity to participate in this activity along with NESTLÉ PURE LIFE's customers and the Youth Water Guardians at the Learning Center of Youth Water Guardian, Saklee Wittaya School, Ayutthaya, which is a prototype school for the project. I saw the determination in sustainable water resources and the environment. I have learned about the water conservation methods that you can apply the knowledge in real life, the development on the water quality in the school area, the increasing the quality of life and health, including how people with the river lifestyle can exist in harmony with surrounding nature and create income for their community. Once the residents in the area take notice of the tremendous efforts made by Youth Water Guardians to save water, they will follow along with the same goals. When I came back from the trip I felt encouraged, I want to be the person who helps saving water. I would like to encourage everyone to take part in water conservation by starting small with yourself, then gradually make a larger impact on the society level. This will assure clean water for the future generation as well as a better quality of life in the near future.”